Advent Review Day 18: The Haunted Man By Charles Dickens

ISBN: 978-0307947215

Published By Vintage Books

I couldn’t blog about Christmas reads without including a Dickens story could I? My first list had A Christmas Carol on it, but although it is a wonderful book, I thought I would take a look at the other Christmas Books Dickens wrote. I have picked a novella called The Haunted Man. Professor Redlaw teaches chemistry, and is haunted by a spirit who seems to be a replica of him. Redlaw is tormented by memories of the past. The spirit gives him the ability to forget these memories, but the problem is that everyone Redlaw then comes into contact with also forgets their bad experiences. Remembering only the good and not the bad, is not good for anyone. As with A Christmas Carol, a happy ending ensues after some life lessons are learned. 

Dickens can sometimes feel a little bit of a struggle because of the excessive description. I find the easiest way to approach it is to accept you won’t read his works quickly and to let the language flow over you. 

This little story is a nice alternative to A Christmas Carol with all the Dickensian festive joy you could want.


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