Teachers Top 100 Favourite Books

The TES had this article a few weeks ago, and I have been meaning to blog about it. It is a list of teachers 100 favourite novels.  It really is a mixed list, and teachers have clearly changed since I was in school, given the dreary rubbish we had had to read. Yes, A High Wind In Jamaica, I am thinking of you. I’m surprised I continued reading after that.  

Pride and Prejudice is at the top, and there are the usual suspects of To Kill A Mocking Bird and Catcher In The Rye.  There were some surprises to me though. I wouldn’t have expected to see the Twilight series there, which whilst sold by the bucket load, aren’t really quality literature. But as the article points out, it depends how you answer the question. Do you answer with a book you truly love, or give an answer which one would expect from a teacher, and give something rather academic?

The answer I give to this question always surprises people. I think, as they know I read a lot, they expect me to give some hefty tome as my favourite. No book since I was aged 8 has brought me as much joy as The Dark Is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper. I have read many, many excellent books since then, some serious, some frivolous, but I don’t return to any of them in the way that I do that series of books.

So, if push came to shove what would you name as your favourite books?


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