The CLIP Carnegie Medal

The more observant of you will have noticed the appearance of an new button in the navigation bar. Clicking said button will take you a lovely new page listing the CLIP Carnegie Medal winners, and thus adding at least another dozen books to your wish list. 

I am a little late to the party on this one (I do seem to be dawdling over things of late don’t I?), but the 2014 winners were announced in June, with The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks taking top place. 

For those not in the know, The CLIP Carnegie Medal was set up in 1936 memory of Andrew Carnegie, a wealthy industrialist who set up more than 2800 libraries across the world. Mr Carnegie was clearly an all round good egg.  Each year a book is chosen by librarians which is considered to be outstanding writing for children and young people, and the award winner given £500 to buy books for a library of their choice. 

When I saw the list of past winners I realised that I already had a few on my shelves and they had been books I had enjoyed immensely, so promptly decided I needed to read the rest of the list. Why am I so list obsessed? 

I know some adults are a bit sniffy about reading books for children and young adults, but frankly I can’t see the problem. A good and well written yarn, is a good and well written yarn, and I don’t see why I shouldn’t enjoy them too. 

Do you have any favourite children’s books?



3 thoughts on “The CLIP Carnegie Medal

    1. There is some really wonderful children’s literature out there, I have about half a dozen of the Carnegie list at the moment, so have some good reads ahead of me.


  1. I had missed the button, but will check it out. I am of the firm opinion that I should not miss out on a good children’s book simply because I am no longer a child or because I didn’t read a book when I was a child. Of course I refer to being a child purely in chronological terms 🙂


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