Down With Skool! By Geoffrey Willams and Ronald Searle

ISBN: 978-0141191683

Published By Penguin Classics

Down with skool! Who hasn’t thought that at some point. This is one of a series of books featuring Nigel Molesworth, a small boy sent to St Custards public school in the 1950s.  Molesworth has kindly written a handbook for boys everywhere on how to survive the great British educational system. With handy hints on how to get out of science lessons (drink pretend sulphuric acid) and how to torture parents with school plays. My favourite section is that on how to recognise different types of masters. The PE teacher is described as not knowing much but being good at football!

The book is riddled with terrible spelling errors and doodled across with Ronald Searle’s wonderful drawings. It is a testament to the quality of the writing that this still resonates today. I supposed when it comes down to it, school is school and nothing much really changes in the eternal battle of teachers  trying to pass on some knowledge against the strong resistance of their charges.