Walking Along…

I do like a good walk. I’m not alone either, according to this piece from Mark’s Daily Apple. I find walking rather meditative, and I often find solutions to all manner of things whilst out on a meander. Now whilst I don’t claim to be in the same league as Aristotle, Dickens and Wordsworth as a thinker, I definitely agree an amble around the local woods helps clarify things in my mind. 

I have been wandering far and wide of late, and started to wonder how far I was going. I plotted it on MapMyWalk, and discovered I was averaging 3 – 4 miles per day, albeit, not necessarily in one go.  I am lucky that very close to Fennell Towers we have some nice woods, a canal and what is called a pond, but is actually about 70 acres of water with some lovely wooded areas around it. Lots of good ambling locations to explore. 

Life has been quite gentle of late, and to paraphrase Terry Pratchett, my mind is wandering so far it is bringing back souvenirs, so I thought something to focus my attention would be fun. Walking is extremely good for MS, it helps keep everything moving, is good for balance and excelllent for wellbeing. Anything which keeps the MS MonSter in it’s box is good in my book, especially if I enjoy it.  

I do have a pedometer, the accuracy of which I think is rather suspect, but it will be good enough for this. I thought I would take an imaginary walk to my favourite bookshop, Mr B’s. It is about 100 miles from Fennell Towers, but I’m not walking back carrying all the imaginary books I will have bought. I’ll take the imaginary literary train (4:50 from Paddington? Hogwarts Express?). 

If you fancy a longer and frankly more frightening literary walk, the folks over at Nerd Fitness have a “Walk to Mordor” Challenge. Not for the feint hearted for all sorts of reasons! Watch out for Orcs and giant spiders. 

So, I’ll blog as I clock up the miles, and see if I can crowbar in as many literary references as possible. If anyone fancies coming along with me, you would me more than welcome. Bring a flask and some stout walking shoes. 



MS Awareness Week

MS Trust
MS Trust

April 29th – 5th May is MS Awareness Week. MS, or Multiple Sclerosis to give it the full name is a neurological condition where the immune system attacks the nervous system. It is a condition which lies close to home here at Fennell Towers. The MS trust helps to raise funds to train the MS Nurses which support suffers with practical as well as medical needs. 

MS is the most common neurological condition in the UK, and can effect people in many different ways, including difficulty walking through to sensory problems and pain. If you can take a few minutes to read the link above then that would be great. The more people know about it, the easier it so for those who have it to make their way through life without having to explain why they seem to be walking like they have had several pints, even though it is only half past seven in the morning.