The Healthy Lunchbox By Fiona Beckett

ISBN 978-1904943235

Published By Grub Street

This book is aimed at stressed parents worried about making sure their children have healthy food at school. The book is very child friendly, with lovely pictures of the food and bright colours. 

There are feature lunch boxes, each with a theme, for example veggie, lunches from around the world, teens etc, each accompanied with some great recipes. Little boys will love the “Hero lunchbox”. 

I bought it for use with my own lunches which I take to work. The portions sizes aren’t correct for grownups, but that is easily fixed. My own personal favourite is the chicken and chickpea burger which can be found in my lunchbox every so often. 

It is a very simple book which doesn’t expect anyone to stay up to midnight pan frying local organic venison for their kids to take to school. It is practical and easy, and most of all yummy.