Credit Cards on Standby…

… for the new Fox, Finch and Tepper publications.  I can’t remember the last time I wanted to read a book as much as I want to read these two. After their wonderful first two publications, The Shiralee and The Next Step In The Dance, The Mr B’s spin off publisher Fox, Finch and Tepper have two new books out. 

The first is Tepper Isn’t Going Out by Calvin Trillin. Tepper (yes, the the Tepper of the publishing house name) likes to park up in hard to find parking places in New York and read his paper. Ever since Nic (Mr B) told me about this book I have wanted to read it. Now, I can, well at least after 29th October when it is published. 

The second is The Story of Mr Sommer by Patrick Suskind, the story of a young boy wondering where his neighbour goes every day, seemingly with no point to his journey.  Available on 12th November, add it to your wishlist!

If my copies of the first Fox, Finch and Tepper books are anything to go by, these will be lovely editions.

I am always happy to pass on recommendations from the Mr B’s team as I have never, ever bought a dud book from them. Seriously, no matter what your reading tastes they can find you something you will love.  I can’t say that for other places I have bought books. So, get those credit cards out and order up from Mr B’s, or your local bookshop and then set aside a few reading hours where you will ignore all your friends and family and bury your nose in some high quality book joy. 





The Next Step in the Dance by Tim Gautreaux

The Next Step in the Dance by Tim Gautreaux
The Next Step in the Dance by Tim Gautreaux




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So this is my 250th book review, and what a wonderful book to have in order to celebrate. It is another publication by Fox, Finch and Tepper, who you really should keep an eye on.

Paul and Collette are a young married couple, living in small town Louisiana. She is clever and the most beautiful girl in the area, and he is a hardworking machinist who wants nothing more than to work on the machines he loves and to go out dancing. Unfortunately he also becomes a bit handy with his fists when he drinks, and ends up in numerous brawls. Collete wants more from life and sets out for California and Paul follows her in the hope that he can persuade her to come home.

It could so easily be a marriage breakdown story, but it isn’t, both protagonists are interesting and have depth, and there is danger and emotion throughout as they find their way in the world both independently and together.

What struck me most about reading this is the vivid scenes it conjured in my mind’s eye. It was almost as though I was watching a film, and it isn’t often that I see things as clearly as I did with this novel. I have never been to Louisiana so have nothing to base ideas on, however, I could feel the heat, see the houses and bars and the machine shop Paul worked in, right down to the tiniest of details. It felt as though I had been plunged into one of those beautifully shot HD films. Think of the detail brought to life from Middle Earth in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films, or the wide open shots of True Detective. When this vivid portrayal is linked with a fantastic story which reflects the thoughts, ambitions and feelings we all have, it makes for a very powerful read indeed.

Don’t forget, you can win this book, and a stack of others from Mr B’s by entering the Great Fennell Books Blog Giveaway to celebrate this 250th book review. 

Fox, Finch & Tepper Launch Party

On Friday night, the Delightful Mr F and I hot footed it down the M4 to Bath after work. We had an invitation to the Fox, Finch and Tepper launch party! Fox, Finch and Tepper is the new publishing venture by those wonderful literary people at Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath.  I was so excited when I saw their new plans announced, and received their first two books through the post last week.  

The shop was closed for the evening and the party was held inside. There was something rather mischevous about being in a bookshop after it has closed. There were drinks and nibbles and bunting, and best of all, the first two Fox, Finch and Tepper books. At this juncture I should probably mention the man in the bath (photo above). It was made by Ed’s Mum, and it was fantastic! I love the way he’s wearing his glasses.

We were split into groups across the three floors and a little speech given about the new Mr B’s adventure, ours by Ed, and then a reading from each of the books. Lucinda read to our group. It is a long time since someone read to me, other than an audio book which isn’t quite the same thing. It was a really lovely few minutes as we all stood in the shop, drinks in hand, and Lucinda transported us firstly to the Australian plains and then to a bar in Louisiana.

We had a super evening chatting to all sorts of folks and looking at the books. Most importantly of all, everyone was there to celebrate the achievements of the Mr B’s team, and wishing them all the best for the successes to come. 

One thing I hadn’t realised is that the Fox, Finch and Tepper books are not just for sale at Mr B’s. You can of course get them from the shop or the website, but they are available in other bookshops too, including Waterstones. So, take yourself down to your local bookshop and ask, nay demand, that they supply you with a copies of The Next Step in the Dace by Tim Gautreaux and The Shiralee by D’Arcy Niland immediately. Then make yourself a cup of something warm and enjoy. 

Look What Has Arrived!

Cue much excitement here at Fennell Towers! The very first Fox, Finch and Tepper publications are here. The titles are The Next Step In The Dance by Tim Gautreaux and The Shiralee by D’Arcy Niland.  I haven’t read them yet (but it won’t be long), so can’t comment on the novels themselves, suffice to say if the team at Mr B’s think they are worth publishing, then they are bound to be marvellous. 

The books themselves are rather lovely. They are sturdy paperbacks with nice double covers, the sort that fold over on themselves (they probably have a proper name, and the entire publishing world is shuddering at my ignorance, but I shall plough on regardless). I have taken some photos, but they don’t really do justice as I was getting a lot of shadow from the lights. Anyway… here are the covers…

And the back covers…

And the spines… I think I might start a Fox, Finch and Tepper shelf…

The inside of each book has the Fox, Finch and Tepper logo…

Nic (Mr B himself) has commented on how the name came to be, but when I look at the logo, I see an inquisitive fox, and a bird, birds always reminds me of freedom. To me, books satisfy my curiosity, and allow me to escape and go to wonderful places whenever I want. The type faces interest me too. The three words have a different font, which also reminds me of the Mr B’s shop. No matter what you want to read, whatever you particular favourite type of book, the team will find you something wonderful to suit you, and I love that they appreciate the diversity of readers out there. 

So, I have bumped these two to the top of the To Be Read pile and will start on them in a couple of days once I have finished, my current tome (which has me gripped by the way). Once I finish them I’ll let you know what they were like. If you can’t wait, you can get them from Mr B’s website. Go on, treat yourself.